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The Wellness Membership

It’s time to stop putting yourself last, and start making yourself a priority

Give the world the best of you, not what’s left of you

Invest in your wellbeing on a monthly basis and claim back your ‘me time’ for just £47 per month.

The Wellness Membership: About The Spa

So what does The Wellness Membership include?

Well, we believe it includes everything you DESERVE on a monthly basis ..

The Wellness Membership: Text

 ✅ 1 whole hour of pure tranquillity: 

Choose from a list of our most popular treatments;

- Hot Stone Full Body Massage

- Luxury Microdermabrasion

- Deep Tissue Full Body Massage

- Swedish Full Body Massage

- The Signature Facial

- Relax & Reset Package 

- Luxury Pedicure

(Worth Up To £65)

Monthly Skin Analysis:

One of our Dermalogica experts will analyse your skin on a deeper level and provide you with bespoke skincare advice, product recommendations and a personalised skincare ritual that works just for you!  

(Worth £47)

10% off all Dermalogica Retail:

Helping your skin achieve optimal results *includes FREE samples

Customised Epsom Salts:

Ease stress and relax your body. We want to encourage you to practise self-care at home too! Enjoy a relaxing warm bath with customised Epsom Salts

(Worth £8)

Customised Aromatherapy Oil:

One month you could be feeling stressed and anxious, another month your immune system might be low, or you may even be struggling to sleep. Make a positive impact on your health and well-being with a customised Aromatherapy Oil

(Worth £12)

£15 Mirelle Cosmetics Gift Voucher:

Giving you the perfect opportunity to explore the Mirelle Cosmetics range! Already stocked up? Don’t worry! You can gift your voucher to friend

(Saving £15)

Monthly Members Only Newsletter:

Be the first to receive breaking Mirelle Spa news, the latest beauty trends, plus independent expert skincare advice and product recommendations

The Wellness Membership: Text

Total Monthly Value Worth Way Over £150!

All of the above you will receive Every. Single. Month.

The Wellness Membership: Text
The Wellness Membership: Text


As a warm welcome, you will receive our Visualisation meditation (Worth £60)

The Wellness Membership: Text
The Wellness Membership: Text
Aromatherapy Massage

It’s time to start showing up as the best version of you!

The Wellness Membership: Welcome

 ✔️ Your profile will be marked as a VIP member for automatic recognition and benefits!

 ✔️ Direct Debit payment: ultra-convenient with a date that suits you!

 ✔️ There is no long-term contract, and members can opt-out at any time with a 30-day notice.

 ✔️ Treatments are transferable … Question is, which loved one is going to get the treat?

 ✔️ Busy? Monthly sessions can accrue and may be used later provided you remain an active member.

The Wellness Membership: Text

For Just £47 𝐩𝐞𝐫 𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐡
(Worth Over £150)

For as little as £1.55 per day (a cup of coffee!) you have the opportunity to improve your health and wellness and become the best version of YOU!

The Wellness Membership: Text
The Wellness Membership: Text

A membership at Mirelle Spa makes it easy to stick to your self-care routine even when life gets busy.

Spa Treatment Stones
The Wellness Membership: Welcome
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